Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What the hell.....?

Ok, first let me say, I'm all for learning and our children should definitely be exposed to our history. Slavery is a part of our history.  Our babies should know the plight of those that came before them and why they are able to live as they do today.

Now,  I'm not one prone to swear unless someone pulls my cord....but what the @$%&***?????? A teacher from Chapelfield Elementary in Ohio decided to teach the children about slavery. Not by reading a book, showing a video or just discussing it in class. She decided to have a Mock Slave Auction in her class and humilitated one brown child in particular.  Please click on the link below, I am very anxious to hear your comments.  I have one and its simply this...THAT CHIICK NEEDS TO BE FIRED AND BROUGHT UP ON CHARGES!! You be the judge!!



Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Being ok with it...

You know how you try to live your life in a way that outsiders would view it as DA BOMB!  You try to say the right things, always look immaculate, act right in front of people and make sure that their image of you is pristine.  Why do we do it?  I mean its tiring.  We all have faults and not one of us is perfect. We should all take a stand this year to be who we are and be ok with it!!  I have decided that I'm going to be OK with my life, my choices (bad or good), decisions (made quickly or delayed), my hips and my hair. Yes, I did add hips and hair because Momma has grown some hips and Momma is all natural with her hair.

I was listening to Joyce Meyer and she said, "how you set your mind determines what happens in your day, your relationships" (and I added your life). It's time we set our minds  to be ok with who we are and what we bring to the table.  I may not have a new car or live in a mansion but if someone needs a ride I can get them there and a place to stay I have a couch for them to rest on for a minute (emphasis on a minute...lol).  I'm ok with who I am.  It was a journey but I realize that I am fearfully and wonderfully made without hesitation or mistake.  I have a purpose and as long as I believe, trust and have faith in God nothing else matters.

Will you walk with me today and be ok with you?  You have the victory so go out and walk in it!!

Lovin' you is easy,