Thursday, June 21, 2012


We all have them... We have to figure out if this school is right for my child, is this the right job, this career, this home,  this mate.  We are always faced with decisions.  What is your thought process?  Do you write down the pros and cons and when you have more pros then cons you move forward? Do you talk to loved ones or friends to help you come to a decision or do you use their input to formulate your own answer? 

We try not to make rash decisions by thinking them out, making a plan and waiting for just the right moment in time but before you blink your eye the clock has ticked and time is of the essence with your answer. And forget about patience...who came up with that word? It's a word that makes you quiver. Your outer self  may be saying I have to have patience and wait but you know your insides are saying THE HECK WITH THAT I CAN'T WAIT ANY LONGER!!

Choosing to move forward is not a bad thing.  Change brings out the best in us.  Growth allows us to change into the person we are purposed to be. Give your self a pat on the back when you are able to step back, assess the situation and knowing that your moving forward is done with you in mind, you are making the right choice.  You deserve to be ok with your decision and it's ok if it does not turn out the way you had hoped. Lessons learned from our decisions help to shape who we are. 

Allow your decisions to help shape you but make sure they include you.  

Lovin' you is easy,


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Watch What You Say

You know how sometimes you just say stuff? You don't think about it and the words just fall off your tongue only to realize later that you may have said something that has hurt someone’s feelings.

My mother recently told me about a special moment she had in the car with my daughter. My daughters saying (when my mother is about to commit a barrage of road rage phrases to!!) is "use your words grandma". In other words, she is telling her grandmother to choose what you say carefully in this moment. I think that is so important coming from an 11 year old. "Use your words".

Your words are very powerful. They can move people. They can inspire people. They can uplift people and how you use them can change your life.

The Bible says, "Gracious words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the body". (Proverbs 16:24 ESV) That is so awesome!!

Today's challenge: How can you use your words to promote, uplift and encourage? How can you use your words to positively affect the life of someone else? And most importantly, how can you use your words to affect change in your own life?

Think about it....then speak it!!

Lovin' you is easy,


Friday, June 15, 2012


Loving, Supportive. Empowering. Friend. Just there!!  That's what sisterhood is to me. I almost forgot how important it is to let your Sistas know you love them. How could I be so silly. I cherish the feeling of knowing that I'm truly loved and cherished by my girls.  So this message is to all my Sistas.  MUAH!!!

I love you....busy schedules, hectic days, tears and smiles, I love you!

Afros, curls, locs, braids, perms, weaves and wigs. You are da bomb, struttin' in your heels or chillin' in your kicks. I love you!

Although sometimes weeks go by and we don't talk, please remember you are always in my thoughts. I love you!

I smile at the thought of you and giggle at our past, remembering the days long ago when we shared double dutch dreams and growing up too fast.  (BIG CHEESY GRIN) I love you!

Sharing ideas, thoughts, hopes and listening, listening, Sista, your dope...LOL!! I love you! 

Challenges, struggles, pain and anguish. The emotional rollercoaster that we call life sometimes get in the way, but my Sista my "couch" is here for you to crash on any day. I love you!

Know that I'm here, know that I care, know that I will give it to you straight from the hip. Cause your my Sista...and that is it.

I LOVE YOU!!  Don't let a day go by thinking otherwise..... MY SISTA'S I LOVE YOU!!


Lovin' you is easy  :)


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Back In It

It's been a while since I have posted a message. I used the many things going on in life as excuses for jotting down thoughts but no more.  I am here and I am jotting!! :)

Life......what in the world is it all about?  Husbands and children, jobs and schedules, is that all there is?  We all want to know what are we supposed to do and we can spend a lifetime asking others or seeking the answers outside of ourselves. That is the challenge and I think challenges are a good thing. Find out what it is beyond the love and security of family that makes you smile. Is it writing (or jotting) down your thoughts? Is it sharing a moment with a friend? Is it a warm bath? Is it interior design or renovating a home?  Find out what things in life make you happy and live in those things. Use those details and joys to bring out a better you.  It may take others some time to get use to you giving a part of yourself to something for yourself , but what kind of life do you have if your not enjoying it?

Go out and live in your joy and I am certain the outcome will be a better you!!

Lovin' you is easy,