Friday, March 14, 2014

Do It with Intention

So…this morning I started my normal ritual. Up at 4:30am, trying to open my right eye then thanking God for my sight and that the only reason why my right eye was sealed shut is because of the crust (lol), pleading with myself to get out of bed to do those “burpees” (or up downs as they call them in football), “planks” for the abs, lunges for the thighs that…well we won’t go there and push-ups (which I hate). After that I go upstairs to wake up the baby (13 years old, 5’7” and gorgeous) but of course she is already dressed in her school uniform, hair up in a cute bun with a little bling pin in it. After the shower and primpin’ (if you can call cold water facial wash (which I hate) and coco butter on the skin primpin) I’m downstairs to feed the pooch, make a bowl of cereal and pack my lunch. 

We are out the door by 6:00am, warming the car and getting prepared for the trek to the city.  My daughter and I listen to Steve Harvey in the morning and we always try to catch his morning inspiration which usually leads into chats with the baby about lifes choices, always staying true to herself and continuing to walk towards her dreams. Then we laugh at him, joke and dance our way to her school. I drop her off and I’m on my way to my job still listening to Steve Harvey and cracking up. 

I need to keep laughing because I’m about to have to find a parking spot where there are few especially with alternate side of the street parking rules in affect.  I’m driving around and around and then JINKIES (I know it doesn’t fit I but I like to say it just because…yes I love Velma from Scooby-doo) I found a spot. I must say that I am rarely incensed. I can count on one hand all the times that I was beside myself with anger but today was the day.  I pulled up in front of the spot, started backing up and this woman with a little e-car pulled into “MY” spot and parked her car.  The way she did it was with such grace I can now give her kudos for being so smooth. She looked up and saw that I was backing up and attempted to back her car as far as it could go to let me get in front of her but I was backing into a spot that was behind a driveway and my car could not fit. All of a sudden, I was INCENSED. I mean, I was heated. I have not said some of the words I said out loud in a long time and I know she was able to read my lips because I think I made sure of it but I was too INCENSED to be sure.  It was like an out of body experience. I let her have it (well kinda, if you call yelling and screaming in my car letting her have it). I was so angry and I have not been to that place in a looooonnng time. My head was about to explode as I continued to drive. I began to slowly and consciously consider what I was doing. I have to say I had to intentionally check myself and recognize (as my ATL buddy Ursula says) I was “out of order”. I have to call it divine intervention because as I was about to furiously turn the 5th corner, God tapped me on the shoulder and made me say out loud – “that just means a better spot is going to open up for me closer to my job”. When I said those words out loud I felt such a relief come over my spirit. I was no longer driving myself. After two turns I passed my office and right in the next block I heard “slow down and park”. When I realized what was going on I was parking into a spot. Awesome!!

I had to with intention focus on my behavior. I thought about my daughter and how I could have been that angry in front of her and showed her a side of Mom that she never saw before. Now, I’m not an angel (God knows) and I have let the lip fly in front of my children but never like this. I thought about the woman and how she might have felt seeing me seething at her and mouthing some not so nice things.  I thought about how awesome God is for allowing it to happen, showing me myself (bad English but you know what I mean) and rescuing me…..AGAIN!

So…the thought for today is (I know you were waiting for this) whatever you do, do it with intention. Consider the choices you make throughout your day and with intention focus on the good in you and share that with others. Honor God and honor yourself. You deserve to have peace time with yourself and focus on the energy you put out into the universe. Be good and do good always with intention. You should never do or say something without consulting Him (that’s the two seconds you have before the words come flying out, yall know what I’m talking about). The awesome thing is when you consult Him in those two seconds it changes everything for the good then you can be confident that he will say job well done.

Lovin’ you is easy,