Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Who am I?

It may take a lifetime before this question is answered. Are you the little dancer you were at 3 years old with your chubby thighs stuffed into pink tights and tu tu that your mother thought was so sweet? (How could I breathe in those things?) Are you the 7 year old no nonsense lawyer that tried to make your father understand you didn't care what people said about your cable knit tights with jean shorts in the NYC summer heat? Just live!! We try to define ourselves by what we do, how much money we have, who we are married to or who our friends are and still can't honestly answer the question - Who am I? Maybe defining who we are limits us. Just maybe it puts us in a box and requires us to put a label on it so that everyone else will know who we are. What if we lived outside of the box and not let that label determine out qualities, our vision or our purpose? God has given us all unique qualities and He made no mistakes about it. Try living outside of the box. Let your uniqueness, values and His purpose for your life emanate through you. When you walk into a room no one will need to ask...who is she? Your presence will come before you and you can proudly say I have arrived!!

Lovin' you is easy..

Have a wonderful day!!


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