Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Who cares?

Tiger Woods...need I say more...we have been inundated with the story about his transgressions and I hope your with me when I say, WHO CARES? Who cares if he had alleged affairs with white women instead of black women? Would the offense be any less painful and would the press about it be the same?

The point is he had these alleged affairs and the women happened to be white. Black woman don't carry the torch nor do we care that black men with money consistently choose to marry white woman. I believe we have grown to love ourselves enough to know he is missing out on a confident (Oprah Winfrey), intelligent (Michelle Obama), dynamic (Alfre Woodard), funny (Mo'Nique), a mentor (Valerie Jarrett), determined (Tina Turner), proud (Maya Angelou), grace (Diahnn Carroll), beautiful (Gabriel Union), and fierce (Beyonce). Gone are the days when we cut our eyes at black men when they have a white woman on their arm. Frankly its their choice and who cares?

Lovin' you is easy,


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