Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Today was a lazy morning.  The kids are on spring break so I did not have the normal hustle and bustle to get them up and off the school. So I slowly got myself ready for work but I really took it easy. I had a nice cup of tea and watch Kimora.  She is hysterical.  This was a two part episode one with her moving and the other one of her giving birth to her new baby boy. She really puts on a show but what I find interesting about her is that although she is this former top model, now busines mogul she is not afraid of showing her softer side.  She is a busy working Mom running her own business, and running it well but keeping the focus on the needs and desires of her family first and thats what I dig about her.

Outside of my once in a while viewing of Kimora, I really don't watch very much tv and if I am watching it's usually a home improvement show and it drives the family crazy.  The great thing about it though is it has sparked the artistic bone with my girls.  They are very unique and expressive.  They will at times sit down and watch a show with me and make suggestions about how they either like or dislike the color scheme or how they would have made the kitchen more grand.  Definitely ladies after my own heart.  Visionaries in the making. 

As parents I think that's what its all about, providing and allowing different views from all aspects of life to filter into our childrens lives.  They should be able to see things and express their ideas freely and openly.  Our job is to provide the whiteboard and some direction but to then allow them to express the vision of their minds eye as uniquely and as captivating as they can be.  My oldest daughter is a writer and the youngest a dancer.  Need I say more?

Lovin' you is easy,


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