Sunday, July 11, 2010

What is family?

Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, uncles, aunts, cousins. We know, love and sometimes can't stand them. We can't choose them, but they are the ones that shape who we are and validate our connection by blood.  We have reunions to reconnect, marriages that bring in new family members and little ones that help grow the family.

There is a another aspect of family that we sometimes forget and that is the bond between friends.  We develop the connections sometime as early as pre-k.  We meet and decide that "hey you are going to be my friend" and sometimes those friendships last forever. I met my first close childhood friend Laura in pre-k. It feels weird calling her a friend after over 30 years because she is my sister. She has become so much more to me that calling her a friend just does not suit our bond. The same for Sheree (aka sista love) and the short list goes on.

Some people may think that women have it easy bonding.  Some say since we are emotional creatures it is easier for us to make friends then men which is ridiculous.  Men can get out on the basketball court, hammer away at each other, walk away slapping fives and become best buddies right there.  Women if they are not a part of a sport don't seem to have that same camaraderie.  We have the hang ups about our bodies, our hair and our faith that keep us more than an arms reach from one another.

I sincerely thought when I moved to Georgia I would have that issue but boy was I wrong.  I have met some of the most phenomenal women in my life in Georgia.  There are several but one of which has proven to me that the bond of sisterhood is more than a title but a matter of the heart and her name is Ursula.  My sister is one woman that has continuously empowered, encouraged and most importantly has kept me in her prayers throughout my trek to Georgia.  She is there whenever I call and I'm not a good sleeper so you know I pester her in the middle of the night but she will still give me a word that will keep me encouraged.  Her awesome gift for allowing the spirit to move her and carefully guide her words of wisdom is a gift and a treasure that we all need as part of our family.

Our families are limitless and not confined by the titles the dictionary has given them.  People come into and out of our lives but family members never depart.  Be encouraged today by your extended family.  Those that impact your day, fulfill your life and most importantly empower your spirit. Call them and tell them you love them. I have a shortlist of those extended family members but none the less they chose me and I choose them.

Lovin' you is easy,


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