Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pretty Girl

Hi there,
Amazing...things from your past can have a positive affect on your present. Hmmm....I like the way that sounds. Maybe I will start a phrase section on this blog called Dynamic thoughts of the day!!  Keep a look out for that...ok?

I digress....

I have for many years had a grudge against my brother. I know, I know but, I thought I had a legitimate excuse. For years everything around me told me that my brown skin, kinky hair and a big back side was unpretty but my brothers light skin and hazel eyes was more than acceptable.  My parents always told me that I was beautiful so there will be no therapy sessions bashing my parents going on here or anywhere for that matter.  They ensured that I was in empowering circles of girls both brown and not so brown so that I could get a good social mixture and be a well rounded member of society. The problem was many of the girls that looked like me felt the same way I did. Brown and unpretty.

So, I went on in life not feeling very pretty or comfortable in my own skin. From rockin' my mini afro to wearing braid extensions, I felt ugly and could not get past it for years. (And by the way, the cat calls on the sidewalk did not help my esteem either). I thought when would I feel pretty? When would I feel like I did not have to be in line with what society says about who I am and how I should look? When would I be comfortable to wear my braids if I chose to or rock that all natural look?

Well I must say, learning to love yourself is truly a journey.  I have developed a much needed love of me and it was not an easy road. But thank God, I've been changed (I won't start singing or maybe I will...stay tuned...) You wanna know what helped my transition?  My girls. My daughters, the ladies of my life. I realized that I had to become the woman I wanted them to see. I had to force myself to look inside and find the girl I was, understand why she felt the way she did and embrace all that made her special. I had to love that girl because if I didn't how could I tell my girls to love themselves lookin' all fabulous like their mama (BIG CHEESY GRIN WOULD GO HERE! J).

Inner love, outer strength (Another one of those dynamic thoughts...I'm on a role here...J). Embrace who you are. Love that chocolate, mocha, caramel, almond skin, that beautiful thick hair, those full lips, hips and thighs. Revel in it! And while your lovin' on you your showing another brownie... that fabulous comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. Love on a brown girl today!

Lovin' you is easy,




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  1. This is so true. I'm glad you back and writing we needs these words of inspiration and encouragement. Thank you!