Wednesday, July 31, 2013



I had a conversation with a wise friend of mine. I talk to her often and with her calming spirit she always leaves me with a word or phrase to think about.  At our last think tank session she told me “write your obituary”. I was like...wait...hold you know something I don't? (And you know I said it with attitude and a little bit of fear).  Are you about to take me out? Did you peak into my future and find out some things and this is the best way you see fit to tell me, friend? What you tryin' to say? She looked me straight in the eye and said "yes I know some things and you my dear are not living in your purpose even though you wear it on your sleeve everyday". I was taken aback for a minute and really did not know how to respond. Then she said, "write your obituary then live it". Again I could not respond. I was now in my thoughts not really hearing what was going on around me. I was picturing someone standing attempting to tell my story and describing the person that I was not. I was slightly offended that they did not have much to say and that it wasn't the story that I wanted told about me nor was it the satisfying life I know I should have lived.

We all have a mission, a purpose, a goal. Everyone has something that their heart is telling them to do. Ask yourself, what is that thing? Meditate and put some thought into you and do it.  If money was no object what would you do today? If the bills were taken care of what magnificent thing would you encounter and how would you let the world know how well you are living?

Live your obituary…. Don’t let someone else define, describe or try to tell your story. Write it yourself and live it.
Here’s the challenge…I know you were waiting for this  :)  Write your obituary and comment back on Mocha Minute. I’m interested to know how you wish to start living your life today.  I can’t wait to hear of your exciting endeavors.  We are going to keep this going and may even add a “look what I did”  section on the blog so you can post pictures of you doing something amazing that is all about you. Now get to it!

Lovin’ you is easy,



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