Thursday, August 8, 2013


Ok so I was getting on the train yesterday afternoon and saw the most interesting thing. There was a priest (of the Caucasian persuasion) dressed in his clerical collar and his Cassock (tell me why I remembered the name of the clothing from the show The Flying Nun…however I did check online to confirm the spelling). He was sitting rather comfortably on the A train enjoying the ride. Side note - Why is it that when we see a "man of the cloth" we straighten up? We are like oh shoot he's gonna tell on me so I better act like a child of God for the few minutes he is staring at me.  Lol  At least we feel like he is staring right into our souls even if he barely notices us. It was hilarious watching other people get on the train pushing others out of the way and coming to a dead stop once they noticed him sitting on the train. Back to the blog - So anyway, seeing him on the train was not the most interesting thing. He was sitting next to a brown girl and.....wait for it....they were sharing....headphones. Yes she had one side in her ear and he had the other one in his ear. They were bobbing their heads to the same tune. Isn't New York magical? Where else would you see something like that? I thought it was just awesome. It's just a reminder of how God connects us. He can use music to cross color lines, ethnicities, and politics. I mean music transcends it all. I just thought seeing them was so awesome that I had to smile.
Ok so what's my point? I recently found some papers and felt compelled after discovering them to share a poem with you. I have not shared my poem book with anyone so you are truly getting a special treat...YOUR WELCOME!... J  I wrote this poem back in the day, well actually it was April 25, 1983. Yeah I know I was only 2 and just a sweet little babe, but I was brilliant. J Now wait this is a no judgment blog so don’t start thinking “man she is a pack-rat”. So what if I keep a few things. (Interesting Side note - My daughter who is a lover of words like her Momma was born on April 25 but not in 1983). My love affair with music perfectly connects with what I saw on the train. So here it goes…

He touched me again and I liked it
What do I do with this feeling?
Not sure who I can tell
What will they think of me
It’s my fault I let him in.
Every time he knocked I opened willingly…who can I tell?
He creeps under the covers with me and we do that dance…I’m elated.
I think of him all the time
I can’t get him out of my mind
Why won’t he just go away…it would be easier for me
Then I won’t have to tell
He creeps
Through the chaos of the day or the silence of the night and I am under his spell.
I can’t escape him
Oh no here he comes and I just………………….LET GO
I have no choice but to give in
He got me
And I let him
Music has again touched my soul.

Listen to some music and dance today!

Lovin’ you is easy,




  1. This is too funny, true and touching. And yes NY is awesome.

  2. Thank you for posting. That poem is me all day every day. Music is my oxygen. I dance daily but on the weekends, I dance by the ocean with people from all around the world. It's wonderful to see the shades of life reflected and the sharing of commonality through the love of music.

  3. Music Truly Makes the World Go Round.