Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fix what’s broken

I have learned that in order to be authentic, one must be transparent.  Transparency is defined in Merriam Webster in part as “easily seen through”. That I understand but what does it mean to be authentic?  Whose definition do we follow?  Merriam-Webster says authentic is “not false or imitation… real”. When we decide that being authentic is how we want to live our lives and share who we are with others, what does that mean for us? Do we lose who we really are because we are attempting to stage our lives so that it can appear that everything is all good? Or do we grow because we make the conscious decision to open up and be “real” so that others will be able to emulate or learn that freedom comes from truth.
I am not suggesting that we live our lives as we see on reality tv (because what a mess that is) BUT……if the cameras followed you around what would be revealed? Now I’m not saying that I would want that because I do like my private life but I would want to live a life that IF the cameras were following me it would uplift and inspire others to heal and change (I’m not there yet yall… J). Whatever those issues are that keep you from living a life of transparency you must heal from them.  Choose to fix what’s broken so that your life can be a testimony to those around you like ummm perhaps your children and others in your “circle of trust”. The ability to have the characteristic of transparency is a tough and ultimately challenging decision but I am certain it is well worth it.  We strive to have things that validate who we are but it is who we are that validates us.
Yup….here comes the challenge…in your journal (because I know you keep one or you’re going to run out and get one now, right?) Write down one thing that is broken. It could be a relationship, negative thoughts you have about yourself, your tone (you know you have THAT TONE) and how you are going to fix it. As you begin to fix what’s broken, cross it off the list and then pat yourself on the back. Revel in the fact that you are awesome and purpose driven. You are on a mission not to save the world but yourself and in doing so you may be able to help others.
Now get to it!!

Lovin’ you is easy,


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