Monday, September 23, 2013

What is truth?


Sometimes we try to rationalize our truth. What does that mean? If our own truth is not what everyone else feels it should be, we manipulate it, redirect it and change it to ensure that it fits with the criteria of others. We undermine everything that we know will reflect who we really are and micro-manage ourselves into a comfortable little box in which we pretend to be comfortable.  Who can we blame when we place our own truth in the hands of others? Do we hope that we can periodically step in and ask permission to make adjustments to it? Do we try the subtle approach and ask nicely to have input on the presentation of our own truth?

Decide today that fitting in a box and stifling your truth is no longer something that you will participate in. Decide today that you are a unique individual with your own mind, hopes, dreams and expectations and although they may not align with the ideals of those around you they are grounded in the acknowledgement of your own truth. Decide today that if nothing else about you is known that you have a God-given purpose which is to be as authentic and true as you can be.

You will shine brightly when you wear your truth on your sleeve and share it with others. Preaching and Learning…

Lovin’ you is easy,



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  1. I really enjoy your blog. They are always very thought provoking